The Learning Course
An Adventure in Self-Directed Accelerated Learning

To Read with 100% comprehension and near total recall
while measurably increasing your reading rate..

The names and symptoms of the
                4 common learning obstacles
and the
                3 powerful learning Barriers.  

But more  importantly - learn through guided practice the
application of the exact remedies for each of them.

And practice accelerated learning tools and advanced
reading comprehension techniques that, when applied
will virtually assure success in any learning environment.

The Learning Course, TLC,
is based on the study skills and learning
enhancement program, Keys To Effective Learning (K.T.E.L.) which was
developed for and delivered to thousands of UAW and GM employees for
over 25 years at several General Motors facilities in Michigan, Ohio and
Tennessee.  Now, updated and revised, the material is being offered to the
general public.

Who can benefit from TLC?
Good students who wish to increase their efficiency and reduce the time
devoted to study. TLC is for those who are already succeeding in their
educational efforts, but may be looking for an added 'edge' to boost their GPA or
reduce the time spent studying while maintaining their success.

TLC can go a long way toward those goals.  Students entering college or trade
schools often find that it is a lot different than their K-12 experience. The powerful
and effective techniques offered in TLC boost personal abilities to the level
needed to proceed smoothly.  If you are willing to make the necessary effort, then
why not maximize your effectiveness and ensure a high return on your investment
of both time and money?

Home School Students needing a solid grounding. TLC establishes the
solid foundation from which they will be able to confidently build their study skills
and learning abilities to levels that substantially reduce the stresses often involved
in confronting education and thereby ensure their success. Young students will
not lose that burning light of joyful inquisitiveness that illuminates the path of
 Older homeschooled students can rekindle their desire to learn new
things, rediscovering a  joy and enthusiasm for learning that may have been
dimmed by exposure to what is often a less than agreeable Public Education

Home schooling parents can find tremendous benefits being grounded
in a clear and fundamental understanding of the learning process. To chart a
successful course through what can initially be a confusing sea of data, you not
only must choose a curriculum and deliver daily instruction, but you must also
understand and satisfy the legal requirements of your local and state

TLC can help you in all areas of Home Schooling Administration. For the home
schooling parent, the insights gained will hone and sharpen your abilities as you
confront a steep personal learning curve. The knowledge gained about what
constitutes good instruction will greatly help you evaluate course materials and
textbooks as you choose what to use in your curriculum.

TLC empowers the
Home School Teacher. TLC examines in detail the
four learning obstacles that can block learning from beginning and the three
powerful learning barriers that can totally derail the learning process once it has
started. TLC reveals their names, the mental and physical phenomena they
cause, where they occur in the learning process and most importantly, the exact
and effective remedy for each of them. The knowledge and skills contained in TLC
powerfully prepare you to successfully teach any subject.

Students suffering from test anxiety, faced with upcoming SAT or
GED tests, midterm or final exams, even a driver's license test or placement test
to qualify for a desired job.  Any sort of test can be a terrifying ordeal for some
folks.  Applying TLC techniques while preparing for these situations increases a
persons self-confidence in their ability to successfully demonstrate their
knowledge and skill.

Struggling Students needing assistance. TLC is for students  that are
having or have had difficulties in Public Education.  Included is this group are
students that may have been labeled as Learning Disabled and students with
attention issues.  TLC can often shed new light on, and measurably improve, a
variety of learning disabilities.

Prospective Students, a growing number of adults, that find they MUST re-
engage the learning process. TLC is for those folks needing training or re-training
in today's  job market.  There are a huge number of folks that “dropped out,”
quitting school before graduation. They may very well have done so for a totally
legitimate reason, feeling that they were wasting their lives in a system that
seemed to have failed them.

But now, when attempting to deal with life, these folks come to the often painful
realization that to get anywhere in the new competitive American job arena they
must confront the 'dreaded' learning process. TLC can remove or significantly
ease the burden of past difficulty and failure with the understanding of the true
and hidden reasons for their lack of success.

Armed with the powerful and proven tools and techniques gained in TLC, a
person can build the confidence necessary to embrace the life long learning
reality of our times.

Training Directors, Training Staff, and every Employee they provide
training for.  In today’s highly technical and competitive world of Business and
Industry, Training Directors must provide timely and appropriate education for
their companies current and future needs.  

They must manage both sides of the learning equation. They oversee the
procurement and/or development of the training being offered, evaluating
programs offered by vendors, and guiding the development of 'in-house' courses.  
They track of the effectiveness of that training making sure the investment is
paying the desired dividends.  Lastly and perhaps most importantly, they are
always seeking ways to maximize the assimilation, retention and application of that
training. The skill set embodied in TLC impacts nearly all areas of the process.

The valuable final product of all training:  Smart employees are the desired return
on investment, not smart notebooks.

It is a sad fact that often only a very small percentage of employees are able to
immediately apply the new ideas and data that they acquired in training when they
return to their jobs.

Incorporating the skills and techniques learned in TLC will vastly improve the
quality and effectiveness of both course development and course delivery by
instructors and trainers.

Employees trained with the TLC principles adhered to are much more likely to
be able to utilize the training quickly. There is even a “trickle-down effect”;
graduates returning to the job will find that the TLC skill set has a major impact on
Peer-to-Peer training and overall communication.  

Criminal Justice System,  A large portion of the inmates in our penal
system are under educated or suffer from literacy difficulties.  A large percentage
have neither high school diploma or GED.  Their chance for rehabilitation and
finding gainful employment are directly effected by this.  TLC builds self esteem
and confidence in the area of education and learning often producing a direct
impact on their eager willingness to confront, and succeed at, the necessary
educational and training tasks required to improve their situation.  For those with
literacy issues, reading can be rapidly taught using TLC techniques through an
intensive Phonic program.
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Every learning situation
can be greatly improved
with the application of