The Learning Course
    An Adventure in Self-Directed Accelerated Learning

To Read with 100% comprehension and near total recall
while measurably increasing your reading rate..

The names and symptoms of the
4 common learning obstacles
and the
3 powerful learning Barriers.
Watch the "Study Technology" video on the Study_Resources Page.

But most importantly - learn through guided practice the
application of
the exact remedies for each of them.

And practice accelerated learning tools and advanced
reading comprehension techniques that, when applied
will virtually assure success in any learning environment.

The Learning Course, TLC,
is based on the study skills and learning
enhancement program, Keys To Effective Learning (K.T.E.L.) which was
developed for and delivered to thousands of UAW and GM employees for
over 25 years at several General Motors facilities in Michigan, Ohio and
Tennessee.  Now, updated and revised, the material is being offered to the
general public.

Who can benefit from TLC?  
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Every learning situation
can be greatly improved
with the application of
North Oakland Training Enterprises